France warns children to avoid the region due to ‘serious threat’ from the Ebola virus


— France’s national weather agency issued a weather advisory Wednesday for France, warning of “serious threat” from the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the region.

French weather officials said in a statement the risk of widespread local outbreaks from the virus was very high and would be considered “serious” if not detected and treated.

The agency said in the warning, the outbreak in France’s northeast was likely to last several weeks and the situation could become worse in the coming days.

France is currently the only country in Europe to have been hit by the disease.

How to vote in Peru’s Peruvian travel advisory

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski is taking his own advice on how to vote on Peru’s Travel Advisory referendum, and he is telling his citizens to ignore the government’s “propaganda” that they need to go to the polls on Tuesday.

Kuczynski, whose government has been accused of voter suppression for years, is the country’s head of state and a leading voice in his countrys electoral coalition, which is led by the center-right Democratic Action Party (PAN).

Peruvians will vote on the proposed referendum on October 1.

It will be the first time in the countrys history that an election will be held without a presidential candidate running for office.

In the past, Kuczyns ruling party has often criticized the results of the referendum.

Last year, he called the vote a “witch hunt” that could lead to an electoral “coronavirus.”

He said the vote would not help his party and that it was a “dirty” campaign.

Peru is currently undergoing an election purge, and the country has faced widespread voter fraud in recent years, with more than 100,000 people registered to vote but not showing up on election day.

The country has also seen the growth of right-wing and populist movements in recent decades, and Kuczys administration has used that to push for policies that have alienated many of the countryís rural communities.

Kuczes recent push for a new constitution, which he promised to enact if elected, was one of the first steps to try to reverse this trend.


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