President’s travel advisory panel to travel to China

China’s President Xi Jinping will travel to India for the third time this month, a senior White House official told CNN.

The trip comes as the country’s air quality is being questioned, with officials questioning whether China’s efforts to reduce emissions are working, according to officials.

The Chinese president’s trip comes after the US-China Business Council visited India on March 8, and a group of CEOs met with the Chinese government on March 11.

The administration is working with India’s health ministry and the Ministry of Civil Aviation to provide updates on the air quality situation, according the White House.

The visit comes as President Xi Xi Jinping has visited India twice this year, most recently on February 28 and March 1, according CNN. 

Xi Jinping will visit India on April 16, an official said.

Xi Jinping’s first visit to India came on February 25. 

The Chinese government has been working to cut emissions and improve air quality since Xi took office in 2012, according a White House statement. 

In addition to Xi Jinping, the US has also traveled to India and Bangladesh on several occasions.

On February 16, the President’s Advisory Group visited the Indian capital, New Delhi, to discuss how to address air pollution and other air-related issues.

What you need to know about the CDC’s new Zika travel warning

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a new travel warning Friday for people living in areas where there is ongoing transmission of the Zika virus.

The new travel advisory was announced Friday by the agency in conjunction with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the country’s major international development agency.

“The virus is spreading rapidly across Latin America and the Caribbean,” the agency said in a press release.

“In areas where the virus has not yet fully reached epidemic proportions, travelers should be aware of possible risks.

If you plan to travel to these countries, contact your health care provider immediately if you have symptoms or if you experience any symptoms.”

The CDC also added that it is strongly recommending people to “stay indoors, avoid close contact, and avoid outdoor activities.”

The agency also said that travelers should not travel to areas where Zika has been detected.

While the virus is not endemic in the U, there have been concerns that the virus could spread among people traveling abroad.

There are some cases of the virus among travelers, and some cases have been linked to travel.

But the CDC did not provide specific cases of travel linked to the virus.

On Thursday, the CDC announced that the travel warning will be lifted in the coming days.

The agency has said that it will allow travel restrictions in certain areas, including in the Caribbean, South America and parts of Africa, where the country is at risk for further spread.

“We are taking this step because the virus may be spreading rapidly among Latin Americans and the Americas and may be in the air in these areas,” the CDC said.

The move comes a week after the agency warned Americans that they should not buy or travel to Brazil.

A new report from the Associated Press said that the country has seen the most reported cases of Zika and that more than 1,000 babies have been born with microcephaly, a birth defect in which babies have unusually small heads.

The AP reported that many Brazilian health officials have been warning that the Zika outbreak is “the biggest in the history of the country.”


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