‘This Is Not a Vacation’: Officials Respond to ‘Vacation’ of American Airlines passengers

Officials responded Monday to a suggestion that American Airlines travelers may not be entitled to a refund after their airline canceled a trip to Jamaica.

The airline said in a statement that it “did not cancel any of its planned flights to Jamaica, and no passengers were denied travel.”

It also said it was reviewing the matter with the Justice Department.

The statement came as the Justice and Commerce departments announced they would issue guidance to airlines and travelers on how to handle travelers who are temporarily denied boarding, but are later allowed to board their planes.

A spokesman for American Airlines said Monday that the airline is reviewing the situation and would respond as soon as possible.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said it had asked U.N. agencies to investigate the incident.

“This is not a vacation,” CBP spokesman David Yankowski told CNNMoney.

“Our customers are our most important asset.”

U.K. officials said in an emailed statement that the decision to cancel the flights did not represent a departure from the UK’s policy.

“While we have not yet had any contact from the airline, we are committed to providing our customers with the same level of service and safety we provide every other passenger on our flights,” the British Transport Police said.

“The decision not to cancel any flights to the United Kingdom was taken in line with our policy of supporting our customers in the worst-case scenario.”

American Airlines, which operates more than 1,000 flights a day to Jamaica and other destinations, said in the statement it is investigating the matter.

Airlines are required to refund passengers who are denied boarding in certain circumstances, including if a flight is canceled or the airline’s travel agents have not been notified that a customer has been denied boarding.


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