How to get your passport back after a holiday abroad

A holiday abroad passport is not required to enter Australia and may be revoked if you fail to show up on your visa application.

Read more about travel advisories:Travel advisories from the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) can be viewed on the DFAT website.

In a statement issued on Friday, DFAT said a number of passports issued under the visa program are affected and they were working with their customers to advise them of the changes.

“The department is aware of a number passport issuers that are currently affected by visa cancellation notices issued in recent days,” the statement said.

“They are working with the affected customers to assist them to regain their passport or to return it to the department.”DFAT is also advising affected passengers that a number passports issued through the visa process are not affected by the visa cancellation notifications issued on Monday.

“The department added that all passport holders travelling abroad must first complete a visa application form, which is also available online.”

If an individual does not complete the visa application, or if they are not in a position to do so, they will be refused entry into Australia,” it said.

The statement said the department was working with affected passport holders to advise on how to regain passports, and to make sure that passports issued in the past have not been revoked.

The DFAT also urged all Australian travellers to monitor the Australian Federal Police website, which has updated to advise travellers that passport holders could face deportation under the Visa Override Program.

DFAT advises travellers to contact their embassy or consulate before travelling abroad, and that all travel is subject to the Visa Restricted List and must be planned in advance.

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