How to invest in the latest technology in the UAE

Dubai has become the latest Middle East city to offer visa-free travel to non-EU citizens from India.

Dubai-based travel agency KPMG is the latest in a growing number of travel firms to launch visa-friendly options, following a similar move by travel agency Asos last month.

The firm will offer visa waiver for business and leisure travelers in the Gulf country.

Dubais airport, which was the first in the region to offer the option, has already seen more than 3,000 visa applications from Indian citizens since it opened in October.

As many as 300,000 Indians have already applied for travel to the UAE and are awaiting their arrival, according to KPMB.

According to KBCA, a Dubai-based group that promotes the development of UAE companies and their brands, Indian visitors are the second largest group of foreign visitors in the country.

According to a report from BGR, India accounts for 12.3% of the world’s foreign visitors, followed by China at 14.5%.

The report added that a third of Indian visitors in 2016 were from India’s neighbours, Bangladesh and Pakistan.KPMG said the UAE is the first country in the Middle East to offer a visa waiver to non EU citizens from its home country.

The decision comes after KPMI’s India deal was announced in June.

The deal will allow Indian expats to move freely to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai without the need for visas.

The visa waiver will allow non EU travellers to travel to and from Dubai without having to pay the entry fees of other EU citizens.

The UAE will be able to provide more financial and other support to the Indian expat and their family members who live in the United Kingdom.

The Dubai International Airport Authority (DIAA) said the announcement follows the agreement signed between KPMi and Asos.

The Dubai-India Business Council (DIBC) said it was delighted to see KPM i as the first business partner in the development and implementation of the visa waiver agreement.

Dubailand is also expanding its reach with a visa-exchange scheme.

The country has announced a scheme to allow non- EU citizens to travel freely to and stay in the island nation without a visa.

The scheme will start with the launch of a visa office in Bangkok, the country’s capital.

The visa office will be in Bangkok’s National Convention Centre and will be staffed by a qualified staff who can advise people on visa matters.

The office will also allow non non EU expats in Thailand to visit their loved ones, friends and family.

UAE travel advisory: UAE government ‘working hard’ to ensure safety

Dubai — The UAE government has launched an advisory on how to safely travel to the United States, amid concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

The Department of Health and Welfare said Monday that it has been in contact with American travelers who have contracted the coronaviruses, and advised them to stay home, including if they have health conditions that make them susceptible to infections.

“This is a matter of national security and public health.

As the health care worker, it is important that you take precautions to protect yourself and others from the spread and spread of the virus,” the department said in a statement.

In addition, the department warned Americans against “any travel to countries in which the coronvirus is present, including the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and South Asia-based countries,” as well as the Middle Eastern countries.

The health department added that it would also consider banning travel to certain regions in the Middle Ages, including those that are part of the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina.


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