How to avoid getting caught by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the crossfire over net neutrality

BUSTING IN: The Federal Communications Agency (Fcc) and ISPs are in a crossfire about net neutrality.

The two agencies have issued an advisory to US consumers and businesses that say that they should not use their data services to access online content, unless they want to pay to use it.

BUSTING OUT: The FCC issued the advisory earlier this month, after the US Senate voted to repeal the 2015 net neutrality rule that it had issued in March, which prohibits broadband providers from blocking, throttling or otherwise throttling internet traffic.

This week, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced that the agency would be revising its proposal to update the net neutrality rules that were put into place in 2015, to ensure that the rules do not allow ISPs to slow or discriminate against internet content.

As part of this revision, the FCC is also proposing to exempt some companies that provide paid prioritization to online content providers from some of the rules that prohibit ISPs from slowing or discriminating against online content.

The FCC also said it would be “making changes to the Title II order that governs ISPs and broadband services,” but declined to elaborate.

For now, however, the proposed rules are going to remain in place.

The FCC said that it is also revising the “net neutrality” order that it has issued in recent years, so that it can ensure that it does not allow broadband providers to slow, throttle or otherwise discriminate against online users.

In the interim, however it has been proposing to create a new net neutrality order that will allow broadband companies to offer paid prioritized access to some online content if the internet service provider does not want to.

Ajit Pai said in a statement to the Associated Press that the FCC was making changes to “a 2015 order that required broadband providers not to block, throttle, or otherwise throttle Internet traffic.

The new order will ensure that broadband providers have to comply with the new regulations.”

Busting In: The FCC is revising a 2015 order it issued to keep ISPs from blocking and throttling traffic, a move that critics say would allow ISPs and internet service providers to use paid prioritizing to discriminate against some online users, a change that critics have said could result in internet service throttling and online censorship.

How to avoid being caught in the net-neutrality crossfireThe FCC is issuing an advisory saying that it will be revoking the 2015 order, and will be “taking action to clarify and update the FCC’s 2016 net neutrality policy to ensure compliance with the 2015 decision,” the FCC said in an announcement Friday.

Pai also said that the new net- neutrality order would “allow broadband providers that offer paid priority to some internet content providers to be exempt from some Title II regulations.”

In an interview with The Washington Post on Friday, Pai said that he would not be issuing an updated order to address these concerns, saying the agency has already issued the “updated rule” that has already been issued.

He said the new order was “designed to make sure that broadband service providers are treated fairly and not discriminated against.”

Pai told the Post that he has “no intention” of changing the 2015 rules that he issued, and that the changes to prevent internet service companies from throttling the internet would be made in a “few months.”

Pai said he was also “confident that the proposed updated rules will be upheld.”

He added that “all the rules of the road that were set forth in the 2015 regulation remain in effect.”

How much would it cost to cancel your broadband service?

As The Verge reports, canceling your internet service is very expensive.

If you do decide to cancel, you’ll need to pay $70 per month to keep your internet connections online.

“If you are currently on a plan that has unlimited data plans, you will need to upgrade your plan to a 4G plan to continue receiving unlimited data and you’ll have to pay for this new plan for two years,” the Verge reports.

It’s not clear exactly how much your internet connection would cost, but it’s likely to be higher than the cost of a phone plan or even a tablet.

There’s a similar problem if you cancel your cable TV service.

You’ll be charged an extra $50 a month to stay connected, the Verge says.

Is this really necessary?

The Verge points out that it’s not hard to figure out why the FCC would need to change the rules.

The current rules prohibit internet service and cable companies from “favoritism” by using their data to favor certain websites over others.

Pai and his Republican allies want to change this, but the agency will still need to get approval from the Senate.

The US Congress has already rejected a bipartisan bill to undo the FCC rules, which Pai has called “bad law”


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