Greece’s travel advisory: What you need to know

Greek travel advisory shows how to prepare for travel in Greece and what to expect when you arrive in Greece.

Greece has issued a travel advisory for travelers and tourists, including instructions on how to pack a suitcase and make sure you have a good understanding of Greece’s customs and laws.

The advisory says tourists should pack “an extra layer of protection” if they travel with a partner or family member.GREEK EXPLANATION: Greece travel guideThe travel advisory comes as a result of a series of terrorist attacks targeting Greek tourism.

On Friday, a suicide bomber struck a Greek holiday resort in the southeastern city of Akrotiri killing at least 23 people.

On Saturday, police shot and killed a man suspected of being involved in a car bombing in the southern port city of Antakya, killing at a security checkpoint.

On Sunday, police found explosives at a restaurant in Athens, but the suspect, a 24-year-old Moroccan national, was later shot and wounded by Greek police.

In response, the government said it was banning tourists from travel to Greece, citing an increased risk of terrorist activity.

The travel warning comes after a series a series attacks targeting Greece’s tourism industry.

On Tuesday, police said two suspected Islamic State members drove into a crowd of people at the St. Pauli Cathedral and sprayed gunfire on worshippers and a police officer before being shot dead by police.

The two attackers were killed in the attack.

On Thursday, police killed a suspect who they say was planning an attack on the same cathedral.

On Monday, police arrested a suspected Islamic extremist who they said was planning a shooting attack on a military base in Athens.

A security source told The Associated Press that the suspects were identified as Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who has been on the radar of security agencies in France, Belgium and Belgium since early 2016.


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