How to make sure your vacation is safe on your next trip to the Caribbean

The United States and Cuba have declared a major health emergency as thousands of tourists flocked to the Americas island nation.

But with no immediate plans to restart the tourist season, the situation remains grim.

Here are five things to know about the crisis: • Travelers could be stranded at sea, unable to return to land for at least a few days, according to officials from the U.S. and Cuba.

• The number of Americans travelling to the islands, which are considered key U.N. destinations, has dropped by about 50 per cent in the past month.

• At least six people have died in recent days from hypothermia.

The number is expected to rise again on Tuesday, when officials say more people will arrive from the Caribbean.

• Tourism officials said that since the end of March, they have received 1.3 million calls to their hotline, which has helped more than 4,000 people reach their destinations.

But that number is likely to be a drop in the ocean, said Maria Dominguez, the tourism director for the U,C.I.C.R. Relief and Development Committee.

“It’s a real low number of calls,” she said.

The agency is offering assistance to help Caribbean countries, which have experienced high temperatures, drought and a severe shortage of food.

The United Nations has warned that the island nations could suffer a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

The U.C.-based agency is seeking a temporary emergency agreement with Cuba.

But Cuba has refused.

“We are not ready to sign that agreement,” Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez told reporters.

We have a serious economic crisis in Cuba and there are other problems in Venezuela.” “

There are many other problems we are dealing with.

We have a serious economic crisis in Cuba and there are other problems in Venezuela.”

In a statement issued Monday, the U.,C.S.-based Cuban Red Cross said the number of people reaching the island countries is “very low” and said it has received 1,000 calls since March 18.

“Many people in the Caribbean have experienced a lot of hardships in recent months due to the extreme weather and food shortages.

The Red Cross has also had to take in hundreds of people who are seeking medical attention at hospitals, or have arrived by plane from places like the United States or Australia,” the statement said.

“With limited resources and no other aid available, the Red Cross cannot continue to do all that it can to help the people of the Caribbean.”

Cuban officials have said the island nation will not restart the tour and that tourism could be suspended indefinitely.

It is not clear when that would happen.

The Caribbean islands have seen a significant spike in the number and severity of deaths caused by heatwaves in recent weeks.

In late March, authorities reported that more than 30 people had died in the capital, Havana, from heat-related illnesses.

Last week, the Cuban government said a further 23 deaths had been recorded in the island.

The International Rescue Committee said it was still awaiting the results of its investigation into the latest death.

The organization says it is working with the Cuban authorities to help those affected.

The group said it had dispatched more than 1,300 workers to the island in the weeks since the outbreak began.

The charity said it could not guarantee that the Cuban Red Cabs would be able to transport the affected people to their destinations in the United Kingdom, where they would need to be flown to hospital in Havana.

In recent weeks, the Caribbean countries have also reported several deaths linked to the virus, including a 27-year-old man from Puerto Rico who died from heatstroke.

Authorities in the U .

S. have reported three new cases of the virus.


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