UK travel advisory cancelled after 3 earthquakes, 3 fatalities

The UK has issued a travel advisory for Thursday after a series of earthquakes shook the region on Thursday morning.UK travel advisory issued to warn of potential risk of ‘supervolcanic’ events after 3 quakes in UK.

The UK is advising people to take precautions and remain vigilant for possible volcanic activity.

The earthquakes hit in the North of England, at a depth of about 12km.

The UK is currently on a five-day travel alert, which means it is in no-man’s land as the UK and neighbouring countries struggle with an ongoing crisis of power outages.

The BBC has also reported that some hospitals are running at a reduced capacity.

The US has issued its own travel advisory, which states that “there is an increased risk of earthquakes with a potential of 4.1 on the Richter scale.

There are also a number of reports of severe power outage and landslides”.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) says that there are no reports of earthquakes in the US.

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued travel warnings for Friday and Saturday and warns people to avoid the country’s coast, where the quake was centered.

“The main concern is that it’s possible that some of the buildings that were damaged in the quake could collapse,” the ministry said.

It also warns against the risks of landslides in the area.

“There’s a possibility of landsliding that could damage roads and structures in the mountainous areas,” the government said.

Italy is in the midst of a natural disaster recovery process after the epicentre of the quake struck the island of Giglio.

More to come.


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