How to find a safe travel advisory sticker for your kid’s trip to Disneyland

The NFL announced Tuesday that it will begin allowing fans to pay a $10 fee to get a personalized sticker that parents can place on their child’s ticket to Disneyland in a bid to raise awareness about the potential risk of playing in the park.

The league’s “Parental Advisory Sticker Program” will start on Sunday, May 11, when fans can place a $20 sticker on their tickets and can pay it to the league as they go.

The sticker, which the league says is intended to encourage parents to be “more vigilant” about their kids’ safety, will be sent to fans at the gate and will include a safety message.

The “safety message” will include information about the Disneyland Safety Campaign, a partnership between the league and the American Academy of Pediatrics, and will be printed on the sticker.

“The sticker is meant to educate parents on the dangers of attending a theme park and how to be safe, and that they can still buy a ticket and come to Disneyland,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

“The sticker will help families make informed decisions about how to best prepare their children for their upcoming trip to the park.”

McCarthy also said that fans who have purchased a ticket from the ticket-issuing station can get a sticker, and fans can send their own stickers to the team, which will then distribute them to fans.

A fan can also mail in a sticker that’s appropriate for the location, which McCarthy said is being determined.

“If a parent wishes to make a sticker for their child, the player will send it to their parent, who can then submit the sticker to the NFL for approval,” McCarthy said.

“Once approved, the sticker will be displayed in the upper right corner of the gate area.”

Fans who want a sticker should also contact their local team.

The stickers are expected to be available in May, McCarthy said, adding that the league will send out “more than 100” stickers over the next week.

“We’re excited to have a variety of different types of stickers available for families to choose from,” McCarthy added.


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