Trump, Pence travel advisory votes 29,US travel advisory vote

US President Donald Trump has made the most of his second week in office by making trips to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Here’s a look at what’s happened so far: Trump is scheduled to arrive in the US capital for his first state visit to the White House on Wednesday.

The president will then travel to Washington DC on Thursday for a state visit, and then to the Capitol for a speech at the Republican National Convention.

The visit to Capitol Hill will begin on Thursday, followed by a state dinner on Friday, followed in a two-day break by a meeting with the vice president, the White Houses spokesperson, and his wife. 

Trump’s visit to Mar-A-Lago on Wednesday will mark his first trip to the Florida property since he took office, and he will be the first sitting US president to visit the property since Ronald Reagan in 1987.

Trump will also be accompanied by his wife Melania, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and senior adviser Gary Cohn, according to a White House statement.

Trump’s trip to Mar for the first time has been billed as a way to strengthen ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and it comes on the heels of an escalating standoff between Trump and Russia over Ukraine, as well as a standoff between the US and North Korea.

On Thursday, Trump and Putin agreed on a “major breakthrough” in the Ukrainian crisis, the Kremlin said, but did not elaborate on what that would be.

On Wednesday, the US Congress passed a bill that extends the US military’s combat mission in Ukraine to the end of September, after Russia retaliated by launching a missile at a US destroyer.

The House and Senate have also passed measures that extend US sanctions against Russia, as the Trump administration continues to seek ways to ease tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Trump will then spend the next week in the White Senate, where he will discuss the state of the US economy with fellow Republicans, and will attend a Republican caucus lunch with Vice President Mike Pence, according the White Press Office.

In a joint statement with Pence, Trump said the meeting will “provide the opportunity for a positive discussion about our country’s economic prospects and our relationship with the world”.

Trump has been at the helm of the administration for a record-breaking five weeks, and has already set a new US record for most days in office, with 661 days to go.

He will have spent nearly a third of his presidency at his Florida estate, which is known as a popular spot for presidents to stay, and which he said has become “an unofficial White House”.


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