Travel Advisory: Missouri for teens and families

Travel advisory issued by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

The Missouri Department for Health and Prevention is urging residents of the state of Missouri to stay at home and consider staying at home.

“As a state, we know that we have a significant number of people who are experiencing the following conditions, and we know how important it is for everyone in the community to be prepared,” said Dr. Jeff Zirkelbach, MO Health and Public Safety Director.

“We strongly encourage everyone to call 911 or contact the Missouri Department on 888-734-7200 if they are concerned about an individual who may be in danger.

For more information on these conditions, call the Missouri Emergency Services Hotline at 888.712.5500.

A map of Missouri is shown below.

Missouri has issued an emergency travel advisory for Missouri residents and visitors who may have health issues, including: a fever of 100.5 degrees or higher, cough, shortness of breath, headache, neck pain, or other symptoms.

The state has also issued an additional travel advisory to travelers in the immediate area.

Anyone who has been sickened by a virus should not travel to Missouri, and the following restrictions apply to the following: the duration of stay, how long you will stay in Missouri, the duration your travel may last, and whether you can return to Missouri.

Anyone who has contracted the virus should call Missouri Health and Community Health Services (MHCCHS) at 866-633-3665 or visit the health department’s website.

Travelers should not use public transportation and stay at least one hour away from the affected area.

Travelers with respiratory issues should call 911 and report to MHCCHS at 865-232-3201.

Missouri residents and travelers who have been tested for EV-D68 are encouraged to get tested by the Missouri Division of Public Health.

The state’s Department of Public Safety and Homeland Security has released a public health advisory for the Missouri state capital.

Residents of the city of Columbia, the metropolitan area of St. Louis and the metropolitan region of Sturgis are encouraged by this advisory to get vaccinated.

If you are in need of medical care, call 1-866-673-3247.

Residents are also encouraged to contact their local health department and the Missouri State Department of Emergency Services.

Maintaining an emergency plan is key to maintaining public health, and if you or someone you know needs emergency medical care or treatment, contact the local health departments for more information.

Traveling to Missouri for vacation or business is strongly discouraged.

The following tips may help you reduce the risk of transmission: Limit alcohol consumption, including beer and wine.

If your drink is a mix of alcoholic beverages, limit consumption to no more than four alcoholic drinks per day.

If alcohol is not available in your area, ask your hotel to add it to your hotel’s menu.

If the hotel does not have a list of available alcohol, ask the hotel manager to do so.

Limit your consumption of nonalcoholic beverages.

If they are not served at your table, ask them to bring the appropriate beverage.

Be careful when traveling on public transportation.

Check in with your destination in advance to ensure you do not exceed the limits.

Drink water if you are thirsty, especially during hot weather.

Limit the amount of liquids you consume.

Drink one or two ounces of water per day, two ounces at night and three ounces at breakfast.

Don’t drink alcohol while you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Avoid contact with your child or pets.

The health department recommends wearing a mask during all outdoor activities and on the move.

Limit pets and other pets in your home.

Maintain a safe and healthy weight.

The state health department suggests limiting your total weight to no less than 120 pounds.

Maintaining a healthy weight, especially if you travel outside, can reduce the spread of disease and other infections.

Travel outside and in areas with a high risk of mosquito-borne diseases is encouraged.

Mature mosquitoes can carry the Zika virus, but they can also carry the flu and other viruses.

Mice, ferrets, and rats can carry Lyme disease.

Pets, cats, and small children should stay indoors and out of the home and away from people who could be contagious.

Stay away from pet food and any food items.

Be cautious when shopping online and using credit cards.

Do not use debit cards or other payment methods to pay for goods or services.


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