How to choose the right hotel in Canada

Travelers heading to Canada should consider how their accommodation will be managed, says travel advisory company Trusted Traveler.

Here are some tips for choosing the right destination.


Do your research and research ahead of time.

“When choosing your hotel, make sure you are looking at all of the options, including proximity to major centres of activity,” said Trusted Traveller’s Chief Operating Officer, James Ristain.

“Don’t just jump into a booking based on the website, and make a booking if you can.

You want to be looking at options that will allow you to travel to and from your destination without impacting your current travel plans.”


Be aware of what you can get from the hotel.

“Make sure that your hotel has good amenities, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, a fitness centre, and fitness facilities,” said Ristan.


Make sure your accommodation is affordable.

“Avoid hotels that have a high rental rate, and be careful if you book a room on a bed-and-breakfast,” said James Risain.


Know where you are going and where you want to go.

“Be prepared to pay the highest rates in order to travel in Canada,” said Dr. Ristains.

“If you can make your trip to and fro in a short amount of time, you may find your accommodation cheaper than others.”


Choose a location close to where you’ll be staying.

“Find a location with plenty of shopping, restaurants and shopping districts nearby, and avoid areas with dense, congested urban areas,” said Robert Ristany.

“Try to avoid major centres such as Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, where people tend to travel faster.”


Choose an accessible route to and through your destination.

“Most major airports, including Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, have wheelchair access,” said Mark McInnis, CEO of the Canadian Travel Consultancy Association.

“There are also plenty of transit options in major cities.”


Avoid driving alone.

“Dedicated drivers are often more comfortable and easier to manage,” said McInnes.

“Drive alone in a car or taxi, and keep in mind that some hotels and restaurants offer complimentary taxi rides.”


Use the internet to find a hotel in your desired destination.

You can also check the hotel booking portal for information about nearby hotels, said Risany.


Consider getting a tour.

“Travelers who are looking for a more personalized experience should consider taking a tour,” said Chris Kosterski, CEO and founder of TrustedTraveler.

“Tourists can also use the site to search for hotels close to their destination, as well as check availability of amenities such as fitness facilities, gym memberships, and complimentary Wi -Fi.”


Be flexible about your stay.

“Take into consideration your current plans and schedule, such to where and when you will be staying,” said Kostierski.

“As a traveler, make an effort to plan your stay so that you are able to enjoy your time in Canada and your stay will be memorable.”


Book online, or book online from your hotel.

Trusted travellers recommend checking the hotel’s website for information on booking and reserving rooms, and the travel agency’s website to book.

“Booking online allows travelers to make a quick decision for their travel, while saving time and effort by avoiding the hassle of travelling by phone,” said Mr. Risann.


Check your room selection.

“It is important to check the room selection before making your reservation,” said David E. Smith, CEO, Trusted Travels.

“Many hotel rooms have a complimentary amenity card for those who want to use their card to check in at the front desk,” he said.

“This is an important feature because it provides an alternative to the hotel staff, who often have to be at work during your stay.”


Book a room online.

“Online booking allows travelers a fast and convenient option to make reservations and book accommodation for their trip,” said Smith.

Make your reservation and receive your payment when you receive the confirmation.” “

You will see a confirmation box and a confirmation email.

Make your reservation and receive your payment when you receive the confirmation.”


Make reservations in advance.

“To ensure that you have enough time to make your reservation, make reservations in the morning and in the evening,” said E. David Smith, Founder, Trained Travelers.

“Trusted Travellers offers hotel booking services and reservations in Canada, so that travelers can make quick arrangements for their holiday.”


Check availability of fitness centers.

“Parks and recreation centres, like fitness centres, have been a big factor in the growth of tourism in Canada in recent years,” said L.G. Thompson, CEO & founder, Triceday.

“Fitness centres provide the perfect way for people to get active and


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