Children may have more privacy on Facebook

Parents of preschool-aged children have raised concerns about the privacy settings on the social media site that could pose a privacy risk for children, the parents’ association for preschoolers and their parents said.

In a statement Friday, the American Academy of Pediatrics said that parents should be advised that their children’s Facebook posts are public, and that their child’s name, address, and contact information will be posted on the page of the child’s primary caregiver.

Parents also should be informed that they are not allowed to view or edit their child in any way, the statement said.

Children under the age of 12 are exempt from the privacy rules, the association said.

The organization said it is “aware” of several recent complaints of children’s privacy being violated on Facebook.

It’s important to note that this is an advisory, the AAP said, adding that the association is not asking parents to remove their children from Facebook, or restrict the activities they choose.

The organization said the public’s right to privacy extends to Facebook posts, even those of minors.

Children who post their personal information on the site for the first time may be exposed to additional risk of exploitation and harm, including bullying, harassment, and violence, the organization said.

Parents of children under the same age should be aware of their rights and be mindful of how their children communicate on Facebook, the group said.

“Parents should be vigilant to the potential for children to engage in inappropriate behavior and engage in behaviors that could be viewed by others, including inappropriate content,” the statement continued.

“Parents should not be required to remove a child from Facebook and should be able to manage the content that is posted to their children.”

The AAP said that social media platforms have a responsibility to protect children’s personal information.

“Facebook, and any other social media platform, should do its part to ensure that their services are safe for all children and families,” the group added.

Twitter declined to comment.

ABC News’ Emily M. Lee, Michael T. O’Donnell and Matt Gagnon contributed to this report.


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